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Port Sebastian - Kingdom of Salatia
Visit the great city of Port Sebastian, enjoy fun in the sun on on the fabulous Sandbar Beach, while staying at the Grand Oasis Inn with its many amenities. Find your treasures at the local magic shops, and trading houses across the city. Take in a show at the Buccaneer’s Theater, and maybe a game at Ralldarin Field.  For all your shipping needs or repairs, the Blackstone Shipyard, or Ala’Razeem’s is the place to be.  If your in need of healing, well then, your in luck with the Olemian Mission. Be warned, However, you are safer inside the city under the watchful eye of the guard.  Avoid wandering in the forests beyond the north gate. Reaver gangs, and other things far worse, are more than just rumors.  You may be better off staying snug in your bed at The Kings Cudgel over in Highland.  But if you must go, vist Zira’s Mystic Haven before you do, she may be able to warn you of the trouble to avoid.  Unless of course, trouble is what you are seeking.  Just try to avoid becoming a permanent guest at The Ironhall Catacombs!