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By Authors, Jim & Wendy Shaw

Jim, or James, as his Sisters call him, began playing TTRPG’s in 1981 at the age of thirteen. Within a year he began modifying and writing his own adventures. As an avid consumer of  SciFi and adventure, it came natural to write short stories and build adventures for friends and gaming groups.  As often happens, however, the toils of life and work can sometimes push creativity into the back seat. Then… In 2011 he married his best friend and soul mate Wendy, whose overactive imagination attracted him like a magnet. She also enjoys all things SciFi and adventure and is filled with stories of her own. That first year, as she dug through Jim’s old notebooks and adventures, they both had an idea.  Make it real and share it with the world. In 2011 the world of Nithrendia was born. In 2021 it found its way into the Aethrillon Star System.  And now, after years of world building and writing, the first of many Books, adventures, and games are ready to make their debut to the people of Earth. When not managing their maintenance business or traveling, you will find them side by side, creating new worlds, stories, and characters.
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If you have come for entertainment and an escape from the reality, then you have come to the right place. Fantastic books detailing stories of love, adventure and courage reside within. These will be published in Print, E-book and Audio Book. If your a TTRPG gamer, your in luck. There are maps, adventure packs, and accessories all built in the foundation of the same world as the books!  Oh yeah, and did we mention there is a game system in development as well.

Releasing Soon

Sonora’s Last Voyage (Novel) ebook, print, audio Rise of a Paladin (Novel) ebook. print, audio Port Sebastian Adventure Pack (TTRPG)

Copyright: Nithrendia Studios, James Shaw and Wendy Shaw, All Rights Reserved.

Sonora D’Faust

The Pirate

Miranda Deloran 

The Wizards Apprentice

Rollovan the Bard

Caelyn Loche 

The Rogue Druid

Shamus Valoris

The Priest