The Characters and Art of Nithrendia The Art of Aaron Sleeper
Before the first book was finished, the world of Nithrendia was already filled with characters, nations, and a multitude of races.  all steeped in well thought out cultures, vibrant histories, and colorful backgrounds. Explore the United Shires of Calamata and the elvish Kingdom of Rendell, with their steampunk renaissance and great air ships. Then, north to the Kingdom of Salatia, and The Grande Duchies of Asendia, both still in a medieval society.  You will learn of the Emirates of Salhazara, and Krasnovosk in the far west, before visiting the Empire of Hirosaka in the far east. The central mountains and deep forests hold The Dwarvish Kingdom of Stalvangar, and the Elves of Tralanar. Finally, Meet the Dragon Lord of Val’Hannar, explore The Free Cities of Talgara, and learn the dangers of the The Tundra Fields of Kazak-Ghall.  Explore the dark forests of The Auog Thuul Valley, and the eerie reaches of The Netherwood.  Stride the land with the giant Falganheid at Icefeld Lake, or visit The Vladiskov Anarchy on The Gulf of Kandavar.  After all of that, you may want to take a break with the Dark Elves of Subterranon. But whatever you do, we hope you will become lost with us, in The World of Nithrendia!

Copyright: Nithrendia Studios, James Shaw and Wendy Shaw, All Rights Reserved.