Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Nithrendia wasn’t

built without a team

We’d like to introduce you to some of our team members. The fantastic people who have helped us breathe life into this world of fantasy and wonder.  Without their contributions, it would not be what it is today.
Aaron Sleeper          Aarons Adventurous Art A graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design, Aaron has worked really hard to bring the visual feel of Nithrendia to life.  Reading the stories and seeing the portraits of the characters has made them all the more real for all of us.  Aaron has a lot of art up his sleeves.  In addition to bringing the characters to life for the books, he will also be working on the illustrations in the coming adventure modules. He is also assisting with cartography editing for the maps of the world.
Luke Tressler Luke received his Bachelors degree of Art and Literature from the University of North Carolina, at Greensboro.  He furthered his study at Liberty University by achieving a Masters Degree of Arts & Teaching, with a focus on Literature.  As our Editor he is the keeper of names, places and events on the grounds of Nithrendia. He makes it sound good and keeps things consistent and clear. Lately he has become more than just the Editor.  We are very excited to see what Luke will create as he takes on the persona of Rollovan the Bard.  You will see some very entertaining introductions to the cities and places of the world, both in print and audio.  Not only will he be co-authoring works by Rollovan, he will also become the voice of Rollovan the Bard, bringing his unique flair for the character to life.
Luke Aaron

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