Rollovanís          Blog My good friends; Let me introduce myself, I am one of the characters and a citizen of the world of Nithrendia.  My name is Rollovan the Bard, and if you please I will be your guide to the world. I urge you to return to my Blog often as my handlers on your planet, Earth, I believe it is called, shall be scribing my tales here.

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Rollovan’s Take on the City of Tourlan, Vales

Inlet, Ailean Barony, Kingdom of Satatia -

Northern Frontier.

Well, you've come around asking after Tourlan,

so I suppose I must tell you what I know.  If

you are...lucky enough to find yourself in

Tourlan, you may be drawn into the bustle of

great business and the smell of success.  I'm

kidding, of course.  That smell is fish, because

there's nothing else here.  Tourlan is a fishing

town, you see, so there's an industry of fish,

warehouses for fish, caravans that come and

go to trade in fish.  You might find a spot or

two for fishing, and if you're feeling peckish

you can stop into one of the handful of local

establishments, where you'll be served the

finest cuisine from across Nithrendia.

I'm kidding, of course.  You'll be served fish,

because that's all that's here.  Steelhead and

salmon, for the most part, so not even the

more interesting flavors of fish, like trout.  In

my own experience, the weather, at least,

isn't so bad, although I did wish for a brisk

wind to freshen the smell a bit.  The locals,

being mostly men of the sea, are quite proud

of themselves for the community they've

built, and I suppose I can't fault them.  Tourlan

is a source of quite a large portion of the food

that moves around the area, and catching the

wiggly little things is not always the most

pleasant job, but it must be done, and by

Thaylian the salts'll do it better than most.

After putting around the area for a bit just to

get some of the local history (shocker, by the

way, it was founded by fishermen), I stayed a

night or two at what I was reluctantly

assured was the finest inn in the city.  A

place called The Flipping Fish, because of

course it was.  Now, I've ventured to some of

the most grand locales in the world, found

things most men will never dream of, stayed

in some of the greatest, and some of the

worst, places mankind has ever had the

pleasure or displeasure to see.  I've been to

ancient cities, still very much alive, whose

very towers stretched for the sky as if to

hold her lovely hand.  I've delved among the

deepest caverns, infested with

unimaginable, slimy creatures, most of which

would have happily killed me if given the

opportunity.  You can trust me, then, when I

say this of Tourlan:  if you should find

yourself weary of travel, low on supplies,

cautious of the very environment around

you, and your only other option is to dig

yourself a hole and cover it in leaves to

shelter yourself from the elements, I'd

recommend you do that rather than stay at

the Flipping Fish, or anywhere else in

Tourlan, frankly.