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World building is hard. To do it right takes

perseverance, a lot of midnight oil, worn out

keyboards, dead mice and a fair amount of


What is it like to run full out in the snow while wearing armor. How far can you see in the dark? How long can you go blade to blade in a sword fight. What are the deepest caves in the world, and what is it like to be in them. These are the questions we sought out. Wendy and I have spent  hours skulking around caves. We joined and trained with a medieval arts at arms school so we could learn the proper rules of warfare… Then we broke them.  All of them.  Because we have to write from the perspective of a noble knight, and of back alley rogues and pirates.  We have spent all day in heavy boots and leather armor, with bags strapped to us at renaissance festivals.  we have delved for countless hours into historical research and read dozens of fantasy novels. What we hope we have learned, (and had tons of fun along the way) is how to write about the life of an adventurer, and describe the world of Nithrendia in the most believable way possible for our readers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for exploring our world.  We hope you enjoy .  
Worldbuilding No end in sight!

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